3 O’Clock with SOC

Implement SOC’s vision mission by adapting to the current disaster through converting our person-to-person work to virtual work including grassroots organizing, programs, services and ways of work. 

A Community Forum on Facebook Live

Due to COVID 19 “Coronavirus”, near Southside residents (and our internal constituents – staff and Board) need virtual access to information, resources, action opportunities; support to manage the overwhelming amount of information including providing original and reliable sources and combating misinformation and disinformation; advocacy and grassroots organizing; personal and community connection; ways to combat the affect of traumatic change and isolation; increased outreach for both the elections and census as they are at critical risk of  low participation; and because all of the previously noted reasons disproportionately impact already marginalized communities of which primarily are the demographics of SOC’s district.

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Forum Segments:
Critical Updates
🦠 Coronavirus
🔢 Completing the census online
ℹ SOC programs & services
💬 Your choice: __________
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