Bilingual Services

The South Side is an extremely diverse community, and over 60% of the residents in SOC’s coverage area are of Hispanic or Latino descent. By US Census estimates, approximately 20% of the adult population is Spanish speaking with little or no English spoken. As such, SOC produces all of its written and online communications in English and Spanish, and offers live interpretation to primary Spanish speakers at all of its sponsored events. All SOC staff are bilingual in English and Spanish, in order to provide a high level of service to as many residents as possible.

In addition to the efforts mentioned above, SOC offers live interpretation and document translation services to the community for non-SOC events at a below-market rate. (Details below)

Live Interpretation

SOC works to provide live interpretation for Spanish-speaking residents at meetings held in English. Interpretation can be either consecutive (speaker pauses periodically and interpreter repeats in Spanish to the whole group) or simultaneous (speaker continues uninterrupted while interpreter speaks to Spanish-speaking residents via headset receiver). For a complete guide, follow the link below.

Bilingual Services Guide

Document Translation

In addition to live interpretation, SOC provides human translation of printed documents. Many individuals and organizations rely on machine translation (i.e. Google Translate), which can lead to numerous semantic and grammatical errors. People understand language better than computers, and we’d love to help!

For more information on SOC’s menu of bilingual services, contact Edith Chavez at:
Telephone: (414) 672-8090
Email: [email protected]