Housing Resources

SOC helps to administer the City of Milwaukee’s Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) program, and provides information and technical assistance to residents on a wide variety of other programs and resources in the area of home improvement.

Targeted Investment Neighborhood (TIN) Program

SOC assists in the administration of the TIN Program in the Clarke Square neighborhood. If you have property within this area, you may be eligible for a partially forgivable, low-interest loan for needed repairs. Income limitations apply. See the attached documents (below) for more information, or contact our offices at any time.

Telephone: 414-672-8090
Email: [email protected]

STRONG Home Loan Program

Similar to the TIN program, Milwaukee’s STRONG Home loan program allows owner-occupants to receive low-interest loans for crucial repairs, but this program is available citywide, and has different eligibility requirements than the TIN program. See the attached documents (below) or contact our offices at any time for more information.

Additional Housing Resources